About us

Your reliable partner in real estate business

The Agency «Imobiro» , registered to provide property transaction services, was founded under the above-mentioned slogan on 16 th August 1991 as the first such agency on the islands of Cres and Lošinj and one of the first real estate agencies in the Republic of Croatia.The Agency is proud of a great number of successful property transaction jobs done to the full satisfaction of its clients.

Apart from providing property transaction services the scope of activity also includes property management, property rental, providing accommodation to tourists, creating and selling new real estate.

The Agency uses the services of a number of permanent associates bound by contract: court appointed experts, architects, construction firms and other registred entities whose field of activity is connected with real estate, so that through this agency you can get the best service in real estate business on the islands of Cres and Lošinj.

In accordance with fair business practices and rules and code of conduct, the services of the Agency have always been provided with the assistance of the attorney-at-law's office of Ivan Kuvaè, M.Sc., a lawyer with many years of experience as a judge and an attorney.That is why clients turn to this Agency strongly believing that their legal transaction will be performed «lege artis».

Quality construction work can be a problem on the island.Developments for the market cannot generally boast of top quality.However, the Agency “Imobiro” uses the services of reliable construction firms, whose quality of performance has been tested, in addition to all the usual warranties implied by the standards of the building code.

Direct communication with a broker is really no problem.The whole business correspondence is in Croatian or English, but, if you contact the Agency directly and you do not speak any of the two said languages, we will be pleased to communicate with you in German, French, Spanish or Italian.

The seat of the Agency is in Mali Lošinj, Riva lošinjskih kapetana 36